Friday, May 4, 2012

purpose & cake

I was so excited (and intimidated) about the possibility of attending the 2:1 conference, especially since I felt God was drawing me in that direction. As it turned out, though, God had another purpose for me. Well, that or the airlines are conspiring against my desire to share my journey as a Christian home educator. Okay, probably not the latter. :) 

I ended up having to cancel at the last minute because I just could not get an available flight in or out of Dulles at the right times for the conference. I even looked into flying into BWI (Baltimore) or DCA (Reagan) but that was going to involve renting a car or trying to map out an overly complicated public transit route. I love using our airline benefits; that is, until flights are full and I'm potentially bumped off every flight. 

At first, when I realized that the flights weren't going to work out I was confused and sad. Why would I be given this opportunity, only to have it not work out in the end? I realize, though, that God knows what he is doing. Even when I don't understand, I will trust in his purpose. And even though I wasn't able to be in the midst of some of the best Christian homeschool bloggers around, I was living out God's plans for me. 

Since I stayed home: 
  • My husband and I had a great discussion about which church we felt we belong in (a much needed conversation since we've been searching for awhile). 
  • I gave all three children a lesson how to properly clean their bathrooms, including scrubbing the toilet which they all loved. Yes, loved
  • I washed, dryed, folded, and put away 7 loads of laundry in one day. Possibly a new record for me. Woot!
Okay, so God's purpose for me right now is pretty mundane. Chats, bathrooms, laundry...hardly revolutionary. But I think of it like baking a cake. You take some pretty ordinary ingredients--flour, sugar, eggs, butter (okay I must say, butter's extraordinary) -- and turn it into something so special it can be found at almost every celebration. I like to think that God will similarly take these seemingly ordinary, small tasks and use them for his glorious purpose. Even more glorious than cake! Do you think there's cake in heaven? :)

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