Stephanie, Christ follower, wife, mommy, teacher (of the unpaid, schooling-at-home variety), reader, traveler, missions supporter, speller extraordinaire

Where you might find me
Home, church, library, bathtub, Target, thrift store

Where you most likely won’t find me
Starbucks, the mall, heavy metal concert, middle of a snowball fight, deep in thought

My peeps
Ted--the husband
R--the artist
N--the competitor
S--the cute yet sometimes tempermental helper

About my blog title
In Matthew 19 and Mark 10 Jesus answered the Pharisees inquiry about divorce, stating that two married people are "no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate." When my husband and I married we became a single unit, functioning together to fulfill God's purpose for us. We are no longer two individuals but one flesh. This is a concept that we both struggle with on a daily basis. How do we work toward oneness and fight our selfish desires?

We are also no longer two in the respect that we have a family--our daughter and two sons--as well as how we have 'adopted' each other's family (warts, dysfunctions, and all, lol!). We have a dog, a house, my husband's career, my lack of career... Our life together today is so much more complex than when we were just two individuals. Much more beautiful as well.