Friday, April 6, 2012


I love how, in times of indecision or discouragement, God will give me little nudges. When I last wrote, I was feeling unsure of where I stand as a writer and blogger. It would be so very easy to delete it all and move on. But I haven't. I feel the nudges, the small push to come back and share. God has laid it on my heart that this is the year that I need to work on relationships and reliance on Him. What better way to practice that than to continue down the path that feels winding and precarious, having no idea where I'll end up but remaining secure in God's guidance and goodness.

Recently, I entered to win a ticket to the 2:1 Conference. I'm a hesitant blogger with a shy heart, so attempting to find a way to a blogging conference seems a bit silly. But I felt the nudging, the gentle prompting toward the unknown path, and knew I had to go for it. 

I didn't win the contest I entered. A disappointment, perhaps, but God knows exactly what I need and it seemed it wasn't this conference.

Except it is this conference. In an unexpected turn of events, an anonymous sponsor offered additional ticket opportunities, and I am one of the recipients. I am going to 2:1. Of course that means that I am excited, but also that I am nervous about being an inexperienced (and self-proclaimed terrible) blogger. Am afraid that my wallflower tendencies will prevail. Am intimidated at sitting among writers whom I admire and make it all look so easy.

I am leaning into the nudges, choosing the unsafe so that I may relish the goodness to follow.