Wednesday, May 9, 2012

goalie 02/28/12
amazing jump by lightning goalie mathieu garon

Goals are great for focus. My boys both play hockey. My older guy is best at offensive positions, so he's trying to get the puck in the goal. My little guy is a goalie, so he's trying to keep the puck out. If there wasn't a goal, there wouldn't be anything for either offense or defense to strive toward = fruitless (my opinion) and booooorrrrrring! (sons' opinions).

It's the same in my game of life. Without concrete goals, I tend to drift off into the warm waters of procrastination and laziness. Which can be relaxing until the sharks attack family needs food and I run out of fresh water clean underwear. So, to totally beat this dead-horse of a metaphor, I'm going to stake my claim in the terra firma of setting goals in a few key areas: home, school, Bible, and blogging.

Meal planning
Follow daily schedule
Fold and put away laundry the day it is washed/dried

Follow schedule
Organize school supplies
Cull books / sell or give away what is not needed

Read daily
Continue copying Psalm 119
Read a different book related to prayer each month

Comment on at least three other blogs each week (starting small!)
Post at least twice weekly--but if life gets in the way, I'll let it! Offline life always comes first.
Link blog posts on Twitter

Exercise -- My husband has asked me a few times to do Insanity or P90X with him. Obviously, the Insanity program has gone to his head if he thinks I could or would do either of those! :) We now have Chalean Extreme, so guess what he wants me to try now? I'm considering it. Maybe the Insanity got to me as well? :)

Will I accomplish all of that? Maybe, maybe not, but at least I have some wide open nets ready for action.

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