Saturday, January 1, 2011

out & in

out with the old...
2010 was a year of

  • transitions--We purchased and moved into what we hope will be our 'forever' house. This was our 10th or 11th move in less than 10 years of marriage (I lost count 3 or 4 moves ago--ha!).
  • travel--We took the kiddos on their first big trip, California. Ted and I went to Paris for a few days, our first European trip together and hopefully not the last! :)
  • challenges--I read through the Bible in 90 days with Mom's Toolbox; Ted worked through the hardcore Insanity exercise program. We installed flooring, painted, and made our house company-ready in less than a month after moving.
  • hospitality--We hosted friends at Thanksgiving, friends and family on Christmas Eve, and Chinese guests who were attending an area conference. We've also had neighbor kids in and out of our house throughout the year, which can be crazy at times but is a dream come true for me.
  • epic motivational fail--We were so busy with looking for a house, buying a house, and fixing up a house that I was overwhelmed and let myself slack off on too many important areas. Menu planning, exercising, school routines, and many more got passed over way too often.
in with the new...
Looking for 2011 to be a year of
  • travel--Well, okay, not so new. Ted works in the travel industry, so I guess the wanderlust is in his blood. He and I are taking a short cruise in February (our first--I'm wary, but he has wanted to take one for a long time); I'd like to do more mini-trips, i.e. go on daytrips around the state, visit local museums and sites. We might go someplace special for our 10th anniversary...we'll have to see what Ted the Travelmaster has up his sleeve. :)
  • dedication--We are starting several new programs that require perseverance. I'm doing the Bible in 90 Days again, this time as a reader and mentor. Ted is going through P90X. Together we are going to take the next foster parent classes offered at our church. We plan on joining the YMCA, so we will need to dedicate time to exercise there. I also have several tasks as a home manager, mom, and teacher that I need to be diligent in completing daily, no matter what.
  • action--I've decided this is my word for 2011. I love to research and plan but often fizzle out when it comes to application. I don't want to be all talk but no walk. Like in Isaiah 6 when the Lord says "Whom shall I send?", I don't want to think about it, consider my options, weight it out. Instead, I strive toward being like Isaiah who immediately calls out "Here am I. Send me!" I want to be spring into action, not just stand on the sidelines waiting for others who are more capable to fill the needs. I want to act, not based on my own skills (which in most categories are sorely lacking), but instead based on a reliance on God for the strength and know-how needed.
I fully realize these are pretty vague--the traditional pie-in-the-sky type of resolution that doesn't make it past January 12th. I hope to expand on each of these goals with specifics in the future. For now, they work for me as a placeholder and reminder of the direction in which I believe God is leading me this year.

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  1. I am so excited about your word for the year. It was a close second choice for my word for 2011. I will be challenging myself to "get it done" this year too.

    I'll check in here for updates on how your commitment to action is going, which I know will go well under God's will and in His timing.