Sunday, January 2, 2011

menu plan-week of 01/03

This is the first time I've blogged our menu plan. Confession time: I actually haven't done much any menu planning since we moved at the end of October. Yikes! My theme for 2011 is action, so we will see at the end of the week how well I execute this plan!

B-Banana muffins, apples, cheese
L-PBJ, carrots
D-Chicken enchiladas, rice, beans, pineapple

B-Ricemeal, bananas
L-Homemade lunchables, oranges
D-Chicken stirfry, brown rice

B-Waffles, grapes
L-Bagel bites, salad
D-Chicken noodle soup

B-Bacon, eggs, bagels
L-Pasta, peas
D-Tacos, refried beans, corn

B-Cereal, fruit, hardboiled eggs
L-Grilled chicken salad
D-Pizza (homemade?)

B-Oatmeal, apples
D-Turkey burgers, vegetarian beans

Sunday: ???

Not exciting, but on Monday we are back to school, I'm starting the Bible in 90 Days, and Ted will be starting his P90X exercise and nutrition (part of which is eating 5 times a day=me making extra meals), so keeping it simple seems like the way to go.


  1. I love your menu! Keep up the good work! I will be back to visit :)

  2. Hi Stephanie!
    Thank you for the kind words left on my blog the other day! I am loving my role as being a mentor. I know how much I started to struggle halfway through the reading last time and if it wasnt for the accountability and encouragement of others,plus much prayer, I'm not sure I would have finished on time, or ever for that matter! So, I am paying it forward, in a sense, and providing that same encouragement and prayers for other to complete this amazing, fulling, journey!! :)
    Blessings to you!
    Amy :)

  3. The 90 day challenge was full so I didn't get in :( Maybe next time. I am going to read on my own. I just haven't decided how much in what time frame yet.
    I love the menu planning idea. I have a 3 yr old and can get crazy when food is concerned for many reasons! lol

  4. Stephanie-I would email you but your blogger profile isn't available. So I hope you come back and see this! :) The 90 day challenge is still open to anyone, there just aren't enough mentors to put everyone in a group. There are lots of people who have joined who are checking in on Moms Toolbox's main page on Mondays, then using Twitter throughout the week to stay in touch with other B90days readers (using the #B90days hashtag).

    Even if you don't join B90days this time around, reading the Bible independently and at any pace is a great commitment to make.

    I hope to see you stop in again soon! :)