Monday, August 9, 2010

here, there, anywhere!

I'd read my Bible in a box;
I'd read my Bible while folding socks;
I'd read my here or there--
I'd read my Bible anywhere!

Amy over at Mom's Toolbox has asked the Bible in 90 Days participants to share where they have been doing their reading. Thankfully, God hasn't tested me and asked me to read in a box just yet, but as for the socks... Well, I have read while trying to get chores done (such as the never-ending mountain of laundry, including a beach bag full of mismatched socks).

I've also done my reading at my sons' ice hockey practice, as well as hunched over a kiddie-size table during my break at VBS, sprawled across the couch at home during the quiet night hours, and perched beside the window of a friends' river house with the sounds of frogs chirrupping in the background. Ted's career is in the travel industry, so he's read in a variety of cities and at a variety of altitudes. :)

While we consider ourselves very flexible and really would consider reading anywhere, Ted and I probably get the most reading done in one place. That honor belongs to our bedroom, either in the desk chair or on the bed. We have a tiny house, so our room is one of the few places we can go with minimal distractions. Usually our house is quietest in the early morning or during the night hours--times when we're usually in our bedroom anyway--so that's where we end up doing our reading.

We are both steadily reading along. I'm currently on track; Ted is behind about 10 days. He is working a lot through the middle of this month, then his schedule will be slow for awhile. I'm going to pray and encourage him to gain ground during that slow time.

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