Monday, July 26, 2010

what week are we on again?

I had been doing so well with my reading...and then came VBS. For the first time, after encouragement from a friend and prodding from Ted, I volunteered at the last minute to help at our church's VBS. I was assigned to teach a preschool class. I have a Bachelor's in Education, so I'm no stranger to teaching. But--a big but--my experience is with older children. You know, the ones who can tie their own shoes and open their own fruit cups and mostly sit in one spot for extended periods of time. Between getting my room prepared, reading over lesson plans, and adjusting my schedule for the day, I was tired before VBS even started. Once it did start, each day was a lot of fun but left me dragging. And two days of VBS were Ted's birthday and our daughter's birthday (their b-days are one day apart). Each night I fell into bed with no B90Days reading done.

So a long explanation to say that I am now 7 days behind on my reading--far enough that I had a hard time figuring out what week we are supposed to be in! (Week 4, thank you Amy!) I worked on catching up today and read all of Deuteronomy and started Joshua. I'll still read before bed as well, so I'm hoping to knock a day or two off of that 7 days before the day is over.

Ted, on the other hand, was able to use the days that the kids and I were at VBS to catch up on his reading. He had gotten a little behind due to work and giving in to distractions.

For both of us, if we get out of the habit of reading and get a day or two behind, we lose our motivation and allow it to snowball until just a couple days turns in to several. Normally, that might escalate into not finishing. I'm determined not to quit, though, so now that life is mostly back to normal I'm trying to steadily get back on track. Ted and I are continuing to encourage each other and receive encouragement from our mentor, Amy at Mom's Toolbox, and all the other participants.

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  1. Praying you stay determined! You will get caught up!
    God Bless!